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Jrock Humor
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome. ^_^ This community is humorous things about jrock and visual kei. You can basically post anything as long as it's on topic, meaning it is jrock and humor.

On Topic/Off Topic

    jrock ≠ jrockhumor
    humor ≠ jrockhumor

    jrock + good-natured humor = jrockhumor
    jrock + Engrish = jrockhumor
    humor including deceased jrockers = jrockhumor

    insults/bashing/mocking anyone's death ≠ jrockhumor
    limited, restricted, prohibited material ≠ jrockhumor
    normal/yaoi fanfics ≠ jrockhumor (go here:J-Fiction)

If something got deleted, don't post it again. It will give you serious trouble.

The Rules

Golden Rule: On topic posts only! (duh?)

1. No flaming/insulting/creating drama - if there is something you don't like, don't flame. Tell the mods and we'll see what we can do about it. If you engage in drama, you're doomed.
2. No spamming - advertising for jrockhumor-related things is generally welcome, everything else will be removed.
3. No excessive foul language
4. Use lj-cut - for fiction or other long texts, excessive font-alterations, more than one image or for large images (if it hurts the community layout, its too large - and that's a small 300px-width layout.)
its <lj-cut text="your text">
5. Fake myspace accounts should be posted here - do not make a separate post for these.
6. Requests - are tolerated, as long as you put something else of relevance in the post. Keep in mind when requesting: Jrock + humor + requests = okay.
7. All posted chat or messenger logs need to be cleaned*, under lj-cuts and labeled as logs - this was decided by the comm through a democratic vote ;)
*Cleaning your logs*
A) remove time stamps
B) remove "XD", "OMFG" and "LOL", etc. responses
C) shorten excessive user names and
D) especially for MSN/Windows Live Messenger, take out the "[insert lengthy user name with Japanese characters and random pictures here] said:" (or similar) and replace it with something short and simple
E) shorten the log to the point where it gets funny without becoming confusing

Crediting is not a rule. It's common courtesy. We only keep members with manners. ;)
(simply credit people if you take stuff from or put it on jrockhumor)

Violation of these rules will most likely result in either warning or banning
This will and have been the only reasons why people are banned from the community - we are very tolerant and friendly here, so please don't change that and don't be afraid of posting. Warning or banning will be decided individually depending on the violation. There won't be more than one warning, though. Also, sockpuppets get banhammered.

+ please tell us who your joke is about (unless that ruins it), especially if it's a 'traditional joke' or a joke that has often reoccurred lately. :)
+ its nice to jump on a bandwagon until it get's annoying - be considerate about that

[Based on these guidelines, the mods might ask you to consider them (e.g. when traditional jokes are reoccurring a lot recently). If it seems to us that you purposely don't follow the request, your post might get deleted.]

What to do when someone violates these rules?★
Contact us.

The Moderators/maintainers
raikoala (AIM: NamidaQuatre)

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No contests at the moment. Suggestions are always welcome. (^_^)

taylormercury for making us a lovely banner!
prochronism for making us a lovely icon!

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