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The results of randomness...

Jrockhumor, I bring you random shit! D: A comic, fanart, and Dir en grey-ified stuff. Here we goooooo!

result of terashii and me geeking over the fact that Kaoru can't swim xD;

o____o; yeah. I can explain. terashii and I were watching Fuggie (her 5Ugly Kingdom DVD. Yes. We call it Fuggie.) And...at some point I made a comment on how Kaoru looked all gay and "omg! :D" (We actually have a recording of the whole conversation we had while watching Fuggie...) which made no sense because he looked KICKASS. But anyway, this is a result of that. Since then my image of Kaoru has turned from serious, kickass leader to flamboyantly gay O____o;

And because I like to Jrock-ify nearly everything, I made Dir en grey versions of the following...

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe:
Eeny meeny miny moe, catch a Kyo by the toe, my Totchi told me to Kaoru the very best Die and you're not Shinya.

Ring around the Rosie:
Ring around Shinya, a pocket full of Kyo, Kaoru! Totchi! We all go "DIE!"

Yeah. Have fun with those. xD;
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